Politica de Confidentialitate

According to Law no. 677/2001 for protection persons regarding the processing _ personal data and free circulation _ _ of these data, modified and completed , as well as of Law no. 506/2004 regarding processing personal data and _ _ protection private lives in the sector communications electronics , ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL, hereinafter referred to as ROMDIST PACKAGING, va administer safely _ _ _ and no more for purposes specified , the dates staff provided by the person targeted .

ROMDIST PACKAGING SRL is authorized as a personal data operator being in the processing record register personal data under the number 31328.

ROMDIST PACKAGING undertakes to follow all rights people targeted , in accordance with the provisions link looking protection persons regarding the processing _ personal data and free circulation _ _ of these data.

In the meaning provisions Law no. 677/2001 , personal data refers to anything _ information that can be used for of identify a person or to contact her online or offline. information personal data are processed only with consent person targeted (for example , if they are offered knowingly by one from online forms , via participation in raffles and contests , by registration or sign-up on the website, via communication by phone , face to face in the frame of events etc.).

Through filling out dATES you _ in the contact form you declare that you accept unconditional as data you _ staff to be included in ROMDIST PACKAGING's database and will give agreement express and unequivocal like all these personal data to be stored , used and processed by ROMDIST PACKAGING, for conduct and / or the performance by ROMDIST PACKAGING of activities such as , but without being limited to, activities commercial , product promotion _ and services , marketing, advertising , media , administrative, development , market research , statistics , tracking and sales monitoring _ and Behavior the consumer .

Through reading this you taken note of the fact that they are guaranteed to you rights provided by law , respectively the right to information , the right to access data, the right to intervene , the right to oppose , the right not to be subjected of a decisions individuals , the right to address justice in case of violation of his rights guaranteed by Law 677/2001 for protection persons regarding the processing _ personal data and free movement _ _ of these data. At the same time , you have the right to oppose processing dATES you _ staff and to request ERASE total or partially of them .

ROMDIST PACKAGING can process and transmit personal data , in the conditions provided by Law no. 677/2001, others companies with which they are in partnership relations and only on the basis a confidentiality commitment from _ _ those companies , by which they guarantee that these data are kept safe and as the use and providing these information personal data is done according to the legislation in force , as follows : providers of marketing services , couriers , payment / banking services , telemarketing or other services , other companies with which ROMDIST PACKAGING can develop programmer common offering on the market of some products and services .

The person Sight understand and accept as data the personal data they provide are processed for the purposes mentioned above . _

According to Law no. 677/2001, any the person Sight benefits from the right of access and intervention on data , the right not to be subjected of a decisions individually and the right to address justice . At the same time , it is guaranteed compliance the right to object to the processing dATES personal that will I'm watching and to request ERASE data , with the exception whose data _ processing has character mandatory , respectively processing performed by the services financial and fiscal , police , justice , security social .

For exercising these rights anything the person Sight may be submit a request to ROMDIST PACKAGING drawn up in written form , dated and signed . application will be communicated to SC ROMDIST PACKAGING, based in Ilfov, Str. Sinaia No. 3, Stefanestii de Jos, 077175, registered at the Registry Commerce under no. J23/896/2010, having Unique Identification Code RO 13575701, or by e-mail to the address : [email protected]. In the application , the applicant may be to miss if wants the information to be communicated to a certain address , which can also be e - mail , or through a correspondence service that _ _ ensure that the teaching it will only be done in person.
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